Thursday, December 07, 2006

First Posting in China.

Ok, Ok, Yes, Yes. I am sick of everyone complaining. I am tired of your random emails asking me where my posts are. But the honest truth is - I have been slack. Well, maybe slack isn't the right word to adequately describe it - busy more like it.

In the midst of my cultural adjustment to China, getting a post up hasn't been my first priority. Plus, the internet cafes here aren't exactly the conductive environment to sitting down and writing a decent post. Even now, I can heard some Chinese guy screaming, who knows what, across the whole room, no doubt probably arguing about some video game. Anyway I disgress. I am making excuses. I promise I will write (and post pics) as often as I can. I had originally envisioned writing a blog with incredibily well-written posts, so you could all sit down and read in awe at my polished writing skills. But I figured that would be much as a waste of time, since the purpose of this blog is to share with you what has been going on. Plus I would be showing off. I will stop rambling - onto business.

Thursday, Day 18 (I think): It has been three weeks since we have arrived in Shanghai. The first week mainly consisted of us exploring the city, going out and getting incredibly intoxicated, recovering from those nights, and exploring some more. All in all, it was very exiciting week. We stayed with a friend's of Turks' brother who was kind of enough to accommodate us and show us around when we first arrived. We then moved into another person's house for about another week. We have now found a really cool apartment in an suburb called Xijihai - nice place, 3 bedroom, TV, DVD Player, Big kitchen, Ayi etc etc. Costs us 6300 RMB (For Aussies, divide that figure by 6 and you will get what we pay per month) -the fact is its cheap. Now, we are mainly hunting for jobs as our funds continue to dwindle. This weekend we are planning to go to an area called Suzhou - a rural town (of 5.5 million, small for China) to explore and get out of the smog and shitty weather we have all been experiencing.

So there you go. I did it. I finally posted on my blog. I will post more soon, once I find a job.

Peace out

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