Sunday, December 17, 2006

Suzhou Trip

Highlights from our recent weekend trip to Suzhou. Located about an hour west of Shanghai, Suzhou is a city interlaced with river canals, beautiful parks and temples and far less pollution. Here are some highlights:

A quiet beer at a seedy American-themed bar.

The ancient gardens and buildings of Suzhou

The house-boats that moor the rivers of Suzhou

The definition of irony - Chairman Mao, the embodiment of communism and the iconic figure of China's past, being exploited yet again by merchants, hoping ignorant tourists will buy in. Ah love the capitalism!

The river canals that interlace the backstreets of Suzhou

Can someone for god's sakes get a english translator here?!

The main bridge at dusk. Beautiful

Taranitno anyone?

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David M said...

Hey Ed,

Great to hear you've landed a job and are enjoying the spectacle of travelling the world!

Always knew you'd conquer the world... I'll keep reading and commenting - take care and have a great Christmas in China.

David Hill.