Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Photos: Shanghai Memoirs Part 2

Face Pictionary. Aim: the kids had to decipher which face I was drawing. I don't know if it had any educational value, but they seemed to enjoy neverthless.

Bamboo Shoots. Cliche yes I know, but it seemed like an interesting photo to take.

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to the Red Room -Shanghai Style. For those readers who are extremely perplexed at this point, the Red Room is the name of my university Bar. An in-joke yes I know, but the sheer concidence of it deserved a posting. Credit to Turks for finding it.

A church in the French Concession.

Although at first glance this shot may seem like an iconic European street, it is actually China. I thought I would share the strange anomaly with all of you.

A mother and her baby. And before you think, I am not a stalker - I liked the shot.

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