Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mongolia: Retrospection in the Land of Blue Skies

Finally a moment of personal space.

Well where to begin? How do I summarise adequately, yet still give justify, to my experience in Mongolia these first six days? If it were something else - a week at university, the events in a workplace over the last month - I am sure I could highlight the events clearly enough. The dilemma I am having is that my first six days have been so completely and utterly random - shaken assumptions, culture shock, you name it - that to capture it in a blog post becomes difficult. Luckily I have been going nuts with my Powershot A630 camera: photography works wonders when you have writers' block.

Let's start at the beginning. After a 33 hour train ride from Beijing (relatively painless surprisingly), I arrived at the Ulaatar Bator train station on a Sunday: rucksack on my backpack, passport tucked safely in my money belt, looking for someone I had no idea what they looked like and likewise with them. Eventually we found each other and I was soon introduced to my host brother, Baacka (pronounced Bustka), whom I would be staying with over the next month. Baacka that night gave me a quick tour of UB, Mongolia's capital. And so it had begun, my journey in Mongolia. I am distinctly remember having trans-mongolian-chinese cultural shock: I had this yearning to go back to the familarity of China and I remember being as nervous as hell. New culture, don't know anyone (expect a loose IH connection), new cuisine...what the hell was I thinking.

Anyway, I am having trouble continuing this blog post, so I will leave it at that.
Point I wanted to make is: I am having a fanastic time here in Mongolia - it haven't been easy mind you - but all in all, absolutely mind-blowing....I can't wait to share my stories with you all, rather than trying to summarise it in a blogpost.

Photos coming soon.

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