Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Trip: a quantitative approach.

Sometimes numbers speak even louder than words.

Countries Visited: 2
Cities Travelled: 5
Jobs: 1
Jobs I have had and quit: 3
Blog Posts: 36
Group Emails: 2
Facebook walls posts received since I left Oz: 113
Flickr Photos: 0 (Note I only recently purchased a camera and flickr premium account)
Amount of times I have sung ABC's: 60
Houses stayed: 7
Fake DVD's purchased: 24
Dinners eaten at home: 10 (approx.)
Dinners eaten out: 150 at least
Memorable Hangovers: 6
Epiphanies/Turning Points in Trip: 3
Low Points: 1
Entourage re-runs watched: 50
Cigarettes smoked: Cannot reveal this stat.
Subway ridden: 130 plus
Taxis taken: 200 for sure
Haircuts: 2

Regrets: 0

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