Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driving Friendship

Quick Update.

Leaving Lhasa tommorrow and heading off on a 8 day journey down to Kathmandu. Along with an Irish couple and an eccentric Swedish girl I met, we are journeying along the famous friendship highway, stopping at numerous sights, monasteries and lakes. The highlight that I am undoubtedly looking forward to is two nights at Mt Everest Base Camp. We had originally intended to only stay for one night, but opted for two in case one of the days doesn't provide good weather. It should be an intense trip, but one to remember I hope.

Sort of sad to leave Lhasa. I was enjoying wandering the Bakhor, sitting at random cafes, observing the strange mix of people in Lhasa - a blend of Tibetans, Chinese Tourists, Americans on a mammoth tour packages, Chinese Hui Muslims, and a kid in a spiderman costume who ran past me yesterday. I would have liked to stay longer in Tibet, but with the whole permit situation, it makes it extremely difficult to travel independently.

Will write in Kathmandu.


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