Friday, September 28, 2007

Delhi Pitstop/Highlights from Northern India

Back in Delhi for the day - a quick stop before heading down into Rajashatan for the reminder of my two weeks here in India.

Highlights from Northern India:

- Joined a Tibetan Protest March in Dharmasala. The Chinese Government is implementing new regulations which will give them the right to "take part" and/or veto new incarnate lamas. (China says "Religion is Poison". Why are they interested now?)

- Hung out with a bunch of Israelis in Manila. An interesting experience - I sort of wanted to break negative stereotypes I had about worked, to a degree.

- A stay in a Sikh monastery in Amistar, next to the prestigious Golden Temple - the holiest of holy for Sikhs around the world.

- A trip to the India-Pakistan border to watch the armies fight it out in a Run-DMC style showdown, complete with dancing, music, and hundreds of crowds screaming "Hindustan!!!". I stood about 50cm away from Pakistan; I even waved to one guy on the Pakistan side, but an Indian solider soon told me to get back.

- Eating Tibetan food in McGeold Ganj.

- Doing some hikes and exploring the beautiful Himach Pradesh countryside with an Aussie family I met. Along with Stewart and Rossie, they brought with them to India their three kids - aged 3, 2, and 6 months. How they do it I don't know? Stewart told me many of his travel stories, including one when he rode from Alaska to Central America on a bike. Said it was very easy, which is reassuring, cause I would love to do that next trip. Bike that is - across Central Asia!!!!!

- Hanging out with Amit's (a friend from China) family in Punjab. A insight into the modern, wealthy Indian society, eating the best Indian food ever. I am in love with Chapati bread.

A bland post I know, but anything to waste some time, waiting for my train. The only regret I have is that I didn't make it up to Kashmir - frankly though, I didnt have the energy to hike it all the way up there. Rajashatan will be a nice way to finish off my six months - ride a camel, watch the locals, take some pictures, play some random instruments (or attempt to).

Australia - 2 and a half weeks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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