Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Finally I have arrived. India. My last destination (well, kind of). More Exploring. More randomness. At this stage of the game -almost 5 months on the road - I am a bit tired of the whole "travel" thing to be honest, but I figure I'll keep on pushing through. "A test of my mental strength" is the term I have been using as of late. Hopefully I'll survive.

Currently in Varansi - one of the most holiest sites in all of India, where Hindi pligrims bath, wash, die, swim, drink, shit in the Ganges river. Today I stood in the corner - touts hassling me, cows and goats faceating in front of my feet- watching a body get burn and thrown into the Ganges river. Quite a surreal event. I have been hanging with a bunch of Korean travellers I met in Lumbini, Nepal. Although I had initially hoped to come into India on my own- "a test" as I call it - I am kind of glad I chose otherwise. India makes China look like Pleasantville. It was nice to have some company coming into India.

As for my plans, I have decided that I am going to concentrate my travels in the north western area - to see all of India in two months is way too much. That, and of course, the endless bus rides, trains, has started to take its toll. I figure I will stay at places for longer, unlike before where it was - two or three days- then off to the next place.

Anyway enough rambling. Chai Tea is calling me.


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Akio said...

Agra, Rajastan, Kashmer, curry, bombs...

Delhi = Ge ri = stomach upset

I know it's shit joke.