Saturday, October 13, 2007

In one word.

Shanghai: Fun
Turks: Knob
Amit: Knob
Sloany: Knob
Oscars: Memories
3 and 3 Blingual Development School: Hell
Apartment: Sick. (As in good.)
Ayi: Awesome
Mongolia: Random
Nomads: Cool
Smoking Habit: Destructive
Yunnan Province: Beautiful
The-Random-Dude-who-got-me-a-black-market-ticket-into-Tibet: Magic
Beijing: Olympics?
Getting needles stuck into your eye: Painful
Tibet: Tragic
Everest Base Camp: Surreal
Nepal: Relaxing
Masala Chai: Heaven
Nepalese Locals: Weird
Japanese Food in Nepal: Amazing
Books: Sanctuary
Long Bus Trips: Meditation
Spanish: Amazing
Swedish: Amazing
Kiwi-who-live-in-the-UK: Awesome
India: Head-Spin
Varanasi: Deadbabies
Kingfisher Beer: Rotten
Pokara: Heaven
French Toast: Routine
Himach Pradesh: Beautiful
Camels: Stinky
Journal: Friend
Home: Nerve-racking
India: CHEAP!!!!
China: Frustating
India-Pakistan-Border: Run-DMC
Travel: Freedom

1 comment:

charlotte said...

in one word: NICE
in more words: cool collection and good description... even though i dont know if deadbabies is ONE word ;) but hey, how should i know, I'm no native speaker :)