Sunday, January 11, 2009

An ode to the Black Dog

(Spontaneous Prose to Black Dog)

Thank you Mr Black Dog.

You have given me resilience.
You appear unexpectedly and in cycles. I am forced to dig deep, to get in touch with the darkness, in order to understand my strength. I have to get up each time and try again.

Thank you Mr Black Dog

You have give me self-awareness.
I am forced to understand my thoughts, my reactions, my perceptions, my values. I write, I reflect and each time, I learn. I feel privileged to have had you - for each time, I learn. I grow wiser.

Thank you Mr Black Dog

You have given me empathy.
I see the suffering of others. I am not blinded to it anymore. My ego is put in its place. I appreciate my innate happiness and natural enthusiasm, and forced to capture it and embrace it. You have give me the desire to help others. My desire to make the world a better place. My spiritual journey would not have happen had it not been for you.

Thank you Mr Black Dog

You have given me wisdom.
I understand the power of the mind. I understand how powerful a thought is. How much it can transform your world. Simply by developing better thoughts, your world is changed in the process.

Thank you Mr Black Dog.

You have given me happiness.
I am forced to to fight for happiness. It is not a given. It is a privilege. I have to earn it. I have understand it. I have to search for it in all its depths. I have to realise it.

Mr Black Dog.
My mum says that you are a part of me. I have to accept you.
My stepdad reckons that I should feel lucky, that because of you, I will be wiser beyond my years.

Perhaps I will never defeat you.

Perhaps you will never disappear.

Perhaps I will always have to control your leash.

But because of you, I am thrown into the murky waters of life, I get a small taste of darkness and each time, I come out stronger, wiser, better. If I can survive you, what possibly can't I accomplish?

Thanks mate.

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Jenni Beattie said...

A great post. Thankyou.