Friday, April 24, 2009

Mathematical Laws to Spiritual Success

Photo via Wburris

As I was walking around San Fran this morning, observing my surrounding and letting my mind float, I started thinking about equations. In particular, how basic matematical equations and principles can be applied to spirituality and self-awareness. Here are few that appeared in my head:

Less > More
Success # Money
Peace = Success
Repetuation # Self
Character = Self
Slow > Fast
Time = Temporary
Future and Past = 0
Present = Infinity
(Moments)^Present-focus = Enrichment
Reaction = External = 0%
Being = External =100%
If (Power and Identity= Success) = Status Anxiety = Mid life Crisis
If (Core and Spirit = Success) = Lightness = Enlightenment
Curiosity = Experiences = Learning = Knowledge = Sharing = Giving = Love
Vision x Present-Focus = Higher Karma
Happiness = Warm Gun
Mind + Body = 100% if used with spirit
People + Passion = Purpose

And one of my favourites from the passionate Gary Vaynerchuk

Legacy > Curreny (Photo via Laughing Squid)

Can you think of any other mathematical laws of Spiritual Success?

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