Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ideas don't emerge out of oblivion. They emerge from a sense of pattern-deciphering - a set of different experiences and information that come together to form a new idea. In my opinion, ideas are never completely original; they are, rather, ideas build from different ideas. The process is perpertual and never-ending. My most recent idea/thought is around authenticity.
Here is why:
1) @garyvee talks about 'personal branding' and the need to be 100% transperancy in who you are and what you do to survive in the modern business world/

2) How liberating Passenger To Nowhere has been - to write without shame, to write as myself, with all my faults and brilliance, feels much better than portraying an image. Perhaps that is why i have been struggling to write on DigitalForGood - I have been writing as a PR agent, not as myself.

3) The strange pattern I see between social media, online identity, and the idea of Johari's Window. When we have control of "our identity" and thereby our "perception", are we aliging to our authentic self? Or are we in danger of becoming living brands? As much as I like GaryVanDerChuck, I can't help but disagree with his idea of "Personal Branding". I prefer Self-Affirmation Marketing. Be 100% yourself offline and online, aling your personal/ spiritual/career personas, and it will lead to an evolution of your consciouness, not just another career achievement.

Patterns and Questions that remain:

1) How can I develop a profession that allows me to be 100% authentic in who I am? I don't want to compartise my professional self and my personal self - I want them to be one and the same. Full stop.

2) Why authenticity is better for your mental health? Is social media contributing to the growth of authentic selves? or is Authenticity an delusion? Are we always projecting an identity in every activity we do?

No idea the purpose of this post, but that is the beauty of authenticity. You be yourself. If it clicks with a reader, it does. If it doesn't and they judge you for it, well, who fucking cares.

Authenticity is a better ROI.


Simon said...

authenticity is better as that is who we are. it's better for our mental health as if we are getting props for an identity that we have to put on, then we subconciously try and get into that identity more. Because we aren't that identity we need to expend more and more energy to stay in that identity, which eventually leads to a burn out.

I response to question 1. be 100% authentic, and your profession will develop out of that. you will seek out whatever it is that allows you to be you, or you will create something that allows you to be you.

Edward Harran said...

Turning traditional career logic around, right Simon?

Career profession - build yourself into that

Build yourself - develop career profession

Inverse Career Development
We could write a book on that.

Simon said...

we could. and we should. I believe it to be true. And see it happening all over really.

Natural career development?

before professional development comes personal development?