Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Archetypes

The Scholar is in search of meaning. He wants to understand the universe and use his inherent intelligence to the fullest. He is curious and always maintains the Zen's Beginners Mind- knowing that learning never ends. Questions are more important than answers to the Scholar. He believes knowledge and wisdom is everywhere. He is patient and loves his solitude.

The Healer is the epitome of compassion. He wants to alleviate suffering, both in myself and with others. He listens attentively and never judges. Sometimes, in his quest to help others, he fails to look after myself. The Healer forces himself to see the goodness in others. He believes that the good and bad you see in your surroundings is simply a reflection of something within yourself.

The Joker likes to see the humour in life. He enjoys mocking himself: it reminds him not to get too attached to his self-concept, for the ego is always morphing. He loves laughter. He is light and easy-going - life always works out for the Joker. He is a temperament for insanity and weirdness. The Joker is an egregious figure and lives out of the energy of others - they bring out the best in him.
The Nomad is the eternal wanderer. He is in search of adventure - and seeks out experiences incessantly. He moves with life like the tide of a river - flowing and fast- and takes comfort in its mystery, not knowing what lies around the next corner. The nomad, like the scholar, enjoys his solitude - his home moves as he does. But he often argues with the scholar, who wants answers and plans, where the nomad believes life should be lived in the now.

The Warrior is courageous and brave. He does what is necessary, especially in battle. He has a fighting nature and his resilience is unbreakable. He sees value in hardship and difficulty for he knows it is the only pathway for spiritual training. The Warrior does not allow words to penetrate his mind. Mind over matter is his mantra.

The Prince has the uncanny ability to inspire those around him. He is charismatic and enthusiastic. He wants to lead movements and work for the greater good. The Prince moves swiftly and make the tough decisions. He is yet to find his princess, but he is certain she will arrive one of these days. Like the warrior, he is fighter: sometimes, though, he is envious of the life of the nomad and the joker, who don't take themselves too seriously.

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