Monday, June 08, 2009

Is Happiness Fleeting?

Photo by Brad & Sabrina
Sometimes, especially now, I question Happiness.
Is Happiness Fleeting?
Will it always remain an never-ending quest?
The eternal quest in life? Always on our fingertips before disappearing yet again?
I don't want to sound dark or pessismistic.
I have experienced my fair share of happiness. Dozens of times. Hundreds of times.
Yet it remains impermanent. It passes, as does everything in life.
It makes sad for some reason.
Can, we, humans ever find peace, contenment, and permanent happiness?
Is that a pipe dream?
Like the tower of happiness, it sits high above the clouds, beyond our grasps.
Is suffering inevitable for us all?
Or is there a way to rise above it?
I am tired of sporadic episodes of pain. It is me, yes, but the essence of me, I think, is a happy person.
I want to experience that.
Does anyone else experience this strange existential confusion?
Isn't anyone bothered by this reality?
Have I been reading too much Buddhist philisophy?

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