Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Tao of Pooh

I'll keep it simple: Read the Book


Opening Thought >
• You are an educator of valuable lessons rather than a seller of traps.
• You need to learn the universal laws, for they are to be followed as you live
your great life.
• Come willingly to the way of Tao appreciating everyday, learning everyday,
working everyday.
P'u – natural state – Un-carved Block >
• There is simplicity in natural power. When simplicity is altered something is
• Simplicity-when expressed in its true form-is WISDOM.
• In simplicity, find the childlike aspects of your life.
• Life is fun. Get rid of the arrogance and complexity and find ways to balance
simplicity and complexity. In what you do each day, find the simple and the
quiet, the natural and the plain. Seek to experience spontaneity.
• Be careful not to collect knowledge for knowledge’s sake.
• Once knowledge is collected, make sure to share what you know in ways that
are understandable for others because to do otherwise is pompous and
pretentious. Sharing with an enlightened mind is a worldly contribution.
• Everything has its place and function. Attend to what you alter.
• Know and respect your own Inner Nature, your Inner-net. Discover and
explore things as they are.
• Come to know what you are, have and do, for this knowing wisdom guides
you to living your great life and to recognizing your vulnerabilities and
constraints while growing your potentials and possibilities.
• Living a weakness can become strength just as an external limitation can
become opportunity.
• To be wise means continually knowing who you are, whereas the foolish
continue to look for something.
• Seek to understand what is special about you, then share that story.

Wu Wei – Non-action >
• Living your great life does not involve meddlesome, combative or egotistical
• It is about living with the natural rhythms of things ie not struggling with
natural laws, because through one's Inner Being one finds non-action.
• Natural laws do not make mistakes. Humans do.
• Consider:
o Ego - forcing a round peg into a square hole.
o Cleverness - crafting ways of making round pegs fit into square holes.
o Knowledge - why round pegs fit into round holes.
o Wu Wei - it does it and things get done.
o When you try too hard, things do not work.
• To resolve conflict, try yielding rather than applying more force. It is about
neutralizing the negative force.
• Living your great life means being sensitive to circumstances – your 6th
sense. While strange, it is stranger not to listen.
• Your daily reward is listening to the birds, speaking with your friends and/or
playing with your child because in seeking some Great Reward you are
missing out on the present (again-spacing?).
• Time cannot be saved. It can be spent either wisely or foolishly.
• The reward is in the journey, not so much the destination.
• The reward is in the moments before the goal is reached.
• The reward is enjoying one's surroundings.
• The reward is about appreciating being alive.
Courage and Caring >
• Everyone is special. Their uniqueness contributes to this world.
• Take time to recognize your own value.
• You need to believe in you. Find the personal power within.
• Through caring comes courage and-more importantly-wisdom.
• From wisdom the heart extends to include others ['cor' is Latin for heart, and
basis for 'courage'.
• The more caring you exhibit, the more caring is your companion.
• Be wary of the injustice of thinking too much and caring too little.

Final Thought >
• Wisdom comes from removing things everyday, for the wise are childlike in
knowing and they nurture their childlike qualities in whatever they do.

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