Friday, June 26, 2009

Wisdom from Vijayadev Yogendra

I was at the doctor's yesterday and was reading through a few Vijadev Yogendra 's books that were sitting on the counter. Yogendra is an Indian medical + spiritual guru - my doctor is well into him. So is half of Port Douglas. Anyway just scrolled through the books and noted some quotes that stuck out for me. Wanted to record them somewhere.

Only when you feel good about yourself can you feel good about others and be good to them

Life is practice. No theory can help you live a meaningful life unless you practice what you believe in.

I was being so nice to everybody that I forgot to be nice to myself. Is that right?

One must never cease believing that positive opportunities will present themselves in the future that will assist growth and progress. One must never believe that one is a private pet of misfortune and sufferring. Things change all the time - nothing is permanent - if at all, change always enchancing progress.

When one is required to function by other people's opinions and expectations, one cannot find one's individuality, or one's own positive nature and innateness. To be independent, one must try to be true to oneself.

The more you live in the past or future, the less you live in the present.

A majority of people surround themselves with what is convenient and comfortable to them. It is a rare person who accepts and even sufferes what is not comfortable and conveinent. The beauty of living lies in being that person who accepts life as it unfolds and does not run for their comfort zone.

The way to happiness is in self realisation. May it be through religion, logical pursuit, meditation, prayer and devotion. Happiness always lies in our own hands.

Every event is a prelude and preparation for the next stage of life.

Suffering is the only payment you make for your misdeeds but we must not forget that it does educate one.

Only by sacrifies and suffering are built achievements of life.

Life is given to overcome the ego. By losing the ego, one finds oneself.

The duty of man is to love and give of himself to one and all who came in contact with him during the brief yet educative sojourn of life.

And the last one:

If life was meant to be good, why are we not good?
If life was meant to be joy, why are we sad?
If life was meant to be fun, why are we sulking?
If life was meant to be giving, why are we not talking?
If life was meant to be loving, why are we hating and disliking?
Why, oh why, are we living that way?