Friday, July 17, 2009

Mainfesto: Human

Just signed @Human_org_au Mainfesto.


First and foremost – we are human.

It is a basic tenet and understanding that seems to be lost in a world of great uncertainty.

We should celebrate our humanity, but instead we align ourselves with nationality, culture, and ideologies before acknowledging and recognising that we are part of something bigger.

This is not a call for mono-culture, but a call to value the other as much as we value ourselves, to embrace our diversity and declare that we all have something to contribute.

The ‘we are Human’ manifesto expresses a desire for peace and hope.

If we could come to an understanding of who we are, and what we can achieve – then we will begin to address poverty, war and inequality – and the most vulnerable members of our society could be supported to lead whole and rich lives.

Read this rest of the mainfesto here.

Then sign it.

Aleem - well done. Inspiring.


What other Mainfesto have you seen that are awesome?

Gen M Mainfesto? Cluetrain Mainfesto? What else?

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