Saturday, January 06, 2007

Internet goes down in China!

Yes thats right....

After an earthquake erupted off the coast of Taiwan, the fiber-optical cables, which provide China with its access to international sites, were damaged. As a result, the last two weeks have been extremely tough - slow or practically no connection to a wide variety of sites. Strangely though, still seemed to work. In the last two days luckily, access has returned back to its normal speed.

The earthquake for me highlighted two things. How can a country of 1.3 Billion possibly survive without the Internet for even a day? Can you imagine the lost of revenue just from that? It is mind bogging to think how it would have adversely affected overseas and Chinese businesses in China. Yet somehow, no one seems to see it has too big a deal - if that happen in Oz, I am sure you would have riots larger than Cronulla. Secondly, more importantly, I have come to realise that I really am a Internet geek. Ah well

Happy New Year to All!!! All the best for 2007

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