Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pre-school teaching in China

Highlights from my time as an English teacher at the Bilingual Development Intelligence School. Enjoy...

Christmas Lesson in front of parents. As part of the Christmas open day, parents could stand on in and watch their children receive a English lesson. Little did they know that the English teacher had no qualification or training and practically had no idea what the hell he was doing. I thought the Santa Claus suit might disguise the fact that I was an idiot.

Excursion with some work people to a dodgy theme park.

The "Einstein B" class - (From Right) Sunny, Lizzie, Eddie, Michelle.

Me standing in front of a plastic giraffe. Exciting stuff...

Sunny and I. Sunny is the head teacher in our class. She is the one the kids are terrified of and shut up as soon as she speaks.

Lizzie and I. Lizzie is the Ayi, or maid, in our class. She basically looks after the kids if they start crying or want to go to the toilet etcetra.
Dinner with work people at a Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant.

Work People...and Turks. I made him come with me.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the evening. Turks and I with a group of random Chinese people who wanted to take a photo with us. Whilst this was happening, the whole restaurant stopped and was observing us with curiosity.

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