Friday, February 02, 2007

Shanghai: The Musical!!!!

Dear All,

In need again for a creative outlet on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to film some local Chinese acts at Zhongshan Park. Located about 20 minutes by Subway from my apartment, the park, on a weekend, teems with life. Couples, both young and old, paddle along in bicycle boats. Chinese choir chapters congregrate at various locations throughout the park, unashamingly singing totheir heart's content; the park: a stage for all. Kites daggle in the sky, adding to the quaint ambience of the park. Actually quaint was probably the wrong adjective - the park is more dense than the monday morning rushhour in Brisbane.

I originally wanted to embed my YouTube Video on this blog, but my severe lack of HTML skills prevented me otherwise. Instead you will have to click on the link below to have a look at the video I made.

Shanghai: The Musical - YouTube

Apologies for the amateur editing. The acts however will make The Eagles seem like that dodgy band that played at your high school formal. Actually I lie - I am just hoping you will click on the link.



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