Monday, January 22, 2007

Interesting Links

After an incredibly frustrating day of Chinese indirectness, I was in need of a creative outlet to calm me down. And since I do not have anything too interesting to write about at present, I thought I would share some websites that I look up regularly and keep me sane in this insane country.

Boing Boing - " A Directory of Wonderful Things"
A blog that explores the weird and the wacky. A bit geeky, but I think its cool.

Micro Persuasion
Blog that explores how digital innovation is transformation marketing, media and public relations. Again, this blog might not relate to all of you, but anyone curious to see what I am interested in now, this is it. Very cool links and awesome commentary.

Very very cool site, explores anything from computers to real estate agents to politics. Great site for procrastination or mind-numbing entertainment

Work Happy
For any bidding business people or entrepreneurs out there, this site is it. Enjoy.

Benetton Talk
News site that explores some very interesting topics. A bit left-wing, but well-written and entertaining reading for everyone.

With quirky posts and an array of interesting links, Shanghaist is the premium news source for expats living in Shanghai. Very enjoyable reading - anyone interested in this city, this would be your best place to start.

Great site if you are looking for random opportunities/programs/scholarships etc etc. Directed more towards young people.

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