Sunday, May 27, 2007


Umhhh...The great firewall doesn't seem to be blocking my blog anymore. Strange.

Anyway, just thought I would take advantage of this unexpected opportunity, and get a post in.
Well, I am back in Beijing now after a very long trip from Ulaatar Beijing: a train to the border town, Erlian, and then a 10 hour bus ride to Beijing. The train was comfortable; the bus, in starke contrast, was extremely painful. Old Chinese people smoking, the pungent odour of Chinese instant noodles permeating the whole of the bus, very nice indeed. So arriving in Beijing at 4:30am - very tired, but alive, glad to be back in civilisation.

Now here for a week with my two friends. Basically we are just hanging out here whilst we wait for our Indian Visas to process. Haven't got too much planned here; though I want to take advantage of this privacy (which I didnt have at all in Mongolia): go on the internet, read my book, try to figure how what the hell I am doing with my life. The usual things you do when travelling.

Apologies for the dullness of this post, but hey a post is better than none.

Take care. Photos and Videos coming soon.
Much love,


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Akio said...

Hey Mate.
Sounds like you had great time in Mongolia. I wish I was there not in front of puta desk.