Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another week in China's capital

Folklore says that travel is character-building. Sometimes I think that is a load of bullocks, but I have finally sound myself in one of those moments. After returning back to China from Mongolia, I managed to somehow bring back with me an infected eye. I kept putting it off all week: firstly, because I thought it was just a minor irritation and that it would disappear soon enough. Secondly, the idea of going to a Chinese hospital seemed like just a pain-in-the-arse (excuse the language) that I just left it

Fortunately for me, a Chinese-French friend took me to the hospital the day I was going to leave to Xian. The prognosis was not pretty: a infection above my cornea, which if I did not checked up now, I could go blind. It was a scary prospect and put me into gear.

So here I am. Stuck in Beijing. I have to go to the hospital tommorrow for more tests. Furthermore, I have a very regimented dosage of medication to take all week (two drops of two different liquids every hour) preventing me from doing much really. "Nothing too hard, no outdoors" or so the doctor said in his broken English. I have to make the most of the shitty situation - look after my eye.

Keep you updated on my progress....hopefully with full usage of my right eye.

(NB: Photo has no correlation to the topic of this blog post, but at least it go to reading this post.)


Akio said...

got to be clean when traveling mate.
otherwise you become ill
remember me going to Bali came back with infected lip from too much smoke
haha old times

david.hill said...

Look after yourself Ed - how are you going to spot more Finnish twins without your 20/20? :)