Friday, July 27, 2007

Lhasa, Tibet

After enduring a 29 hour hard seat with a baby screaming next to me, I have finally arrived: Lhasa , Tibet. Very surreal to actually be here, considering how long I have been obsessed with the idea of coming to the rooftop of the world. My first impressions of Lhasa: the chinese influence is omnipresent here, a bit depressing really, but it still maintains a distinctive Tibetan feel, especially in the vicinity in which I am residing at the moment.

Not much planned as of yet. Going to explore Lhasa for the next couple of days and work out the details of how I will get overland to Kathmandu. As a foreigner, I have to purchase a number of permits to enter regions outside the Lhasa prefecture. Could be a pain, but I am sure I will manage. I have come this far. Cant wait to see Mt.Everest.

Write more later.

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