Friday, July 27, 2007

Mapping Lhasa

I was flicking through a Lhasa map today and found some interesting and amusing landmarks that I thought I would share with you all.

Here it goes:

- Anti riot detachment department
- Tibet Armed Police Guest House
- Municipal Experiment Kindergatern
- Office of Reception for Returned Tibetan Compatriots.
- Tibet Control Centre
- Prefectural Propangada Department
- Chicken Farm of Framing and Farrier Research Institute
- Civil Feedstuff Factory
- Union Construction Brigade of Civic Fatigue Duty Company
-Making Oxygen Company
-Tibet Herbs Company
- Civil Epidemic Prevention Station
- Office of Taiwan Affairs under Tibet United Front Work Department
- Prefetural Crude Medicine Factory
- Prefectural Deformed People's Union

Luckily they had this as well: Tibetan Red Cross Disaster Prepardness and Relief Centre. With all the places above it looks like they certainly need a red cross.

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Akio said...

how about enrolling in "Tibet Spiritual Center (of Center)"? Become a monk and pray for an enlightenment. Yeah you know you wanna it.

Keep up the good traveling spirit mate. Cheers Ed.