Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from Chitwan

Nothing too exiciting to report at present, but since I am on the internet, I figure I'd write a post.

Just returned back from the famous Chitwan National Park- the holy grail of the tourism industry here in Nepal. Famous for its array of animals (the one-horned rhinos, elephants, etc), the trip was pleasant, relaxing: it was nice to switch my brain off and let the hotel management do the thinking for me. I simply followed the schedule and the fun happen. A nice change from the chaos that was Tibet and Nepal. Activities included: elephant riding, elephant bathing(yes elephant bathing); jungle trekking; canoeing; bird-watching (though I didnt partake); and a discussion with two Belgium brothers about travel. A enjoyable trip: Nepal really has its international tourism market sorted. Ace.

Back in Kathmandu at the moment. Planning to hang here for the next week - check out the sites around the Kathmandu Valley. Plenty to explore in this vicnity. Then, I am thinking, I 'll spend a week and half slowly making my way to the Indian border.

I am a bit anxious about India - Nepal has been good, almost too good: actually, I kind of feel a bit of guilty, it is so easy here it ain't funny. Chaos and me work well together- bring on India.

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