Monday, August 13, 2007

Couchsurfer gets Couched!!!

My first couchsurfing experience didn't go exactly as planned. It was only after the whole experience did I realise the humour of the situation. For those who have no idea what couchsurfing is, click here. In simple terms, couchsurfing is a networking site where you can score a free couch anywhere in the world. I was determined to try it at some point during my travellers. Didn't go exactly as planned, but anyway.

Let me share.

Another wet-monsoon night in Kathmandu. Accompained with Charlotte, a Swedish traveller I befriended in Tibet, we set off to meet this potential-couch, having no idea what he looked like or who he was. Luckily he wasn't a Charles Manson. A medical student, talkative, opinatated, nice enough; though to be honest, I got the impression that he was a bit of a loner, using the site as an opportunity to make friends. Harsh judgement I know.

After dinner, a beer, and some more light chat, we wander Thamel's streets. I, feeling a bit queasy, head back to the hotel, in the hope that Charlotte will do the dirty word and manage to score us our elusive couch. (After all, when you are a budget traveller, any savings helps.)

I wake up to find Charlotte and this med student in our hotel room.

"Oh...ummmmhhhh," he says, "I will stay here tonight....on the floor,"

Still in a dreamy haze, I agree and go back to bed. The next morning, the med student gone, Charlotte and I sit in bed and only then do we realise what just happen. We got couchsurfed.

We were looking for a bed, but the bed found us instead.I wonder what my next couchsurfing experience will be like....

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