Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Part 2: Travel Quantitatively

5 months on the road. 9 months away from home.

Numbers sometimes speak much louder than words....

Needles in my Eye: 2
Aussies I have travelled with: 6
Swedish I have travelled with: 1
Diary entries written: 150
Blog entries: 8 since Shanghai.
Facebook messages: 200 I reckon. I am a SEO-ed, as Kirsten Mort would say.
Calls to Mum: 15 times. (especially in Beijing.)
Appearances on National Television: 1
Trains: approx at least 20. (Some spanning 32 hours or more.)
Buses: approx 20. (Some extremely painful.)
Credit Cards stolen: 1
Guitar lost: 1
Moments where I have chatted with locals, but have no clue what they are saying: 15
Times where I should have been outside rather than at an Internet cafe: 30
Hitchhiking: 2
Nomads stayed with: 3 (Two Mongolians; One Tibetan)
Horses rode: 2
Monasteries camped in: 2
Hostels stayed in: 100's
Hikes: Umhhh I am thinking maybe 4 or 5 by now.
Everest Base Camp attended: 1
Low-Points: 2
Tex Mex Burriots eaten: 7 (thanks Chengdu)
Motorbikes ridden: 2
Missed transportation: Surprisingly 0
Books read: 8 or 9
Random outbursts of anger: countless. (more so at Chinese.)
Missed things in this post: 100's

There are some things you can't count. For everything else, there's Mastercard.

1 comment:

Akio said...


You must have big phat plastic card.

How about this? "quantitatively" compare the income and expense, then "qualitatively" analyze the time and space?

You missed counting regrets unlike part 1. Must means still none yet.

Cheers Ed.