Friday, September 14, 2007

Currently in India.

Currently Residing: Chandrigah, Punjab. Designed by the same dude as Canberra, Chandrigah is something in itself - wide streets, a paucity of cows, open areas of grass, stores ranging from Reebok to Esprit to Lee's. Its main centre - Sector 17 (lots of creativity put in that title) - is so haunting familiar to Cairns, that for a second, my current drought of homesickness almost disappeared. Home to Amit, a friend of mine from Shanghai.

Current Plans: Since I am suffering from mega-travel burn out, I have decided that I am going to cut my India trip a bit short and head home a bit earlier than I planned. It has been 5 months on the road and the whole adventure is starting to take its tole. Ideally, it would be easy to hop on a plane now, but I am determined to push my limits and finish this trip to the very end. Mid-October I will be home. Going to take my time in exploring India - I'm just going to go with no expectations. I will see what I can; and if I am miss out on something, so be it.

Currently in Stomach: Mushroom Indian Kebab "thing" - perhaps the most tasiest thing I have eaten in a week. Indian food is amazing.....

Current Frustation: Why is it that I am having more trouble understanding what people are saying to me here than in China? I am finding Indian-English very hard to hear; the constant clarifying (excuse me? pardon) is mentally so exhausting.

Current reason why I am on the internet again: My hotel is boring; I am a solo traveller; the internet is my only friend sometimes.

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