Friday, January 30, 2009

35Things About Me

1. I have a blue birthmark on my left ear. Yes, blue. Actually, it runs all the way up to the top of my head, but my hair usually covers it. I get asked the question, "There is something on your ear..." at least 3 times a week. Sometimes, I pretend to be offended when I have to correct them. Most of the time, I find it has been a great conversation starter, so it doesn't bother me.

2. Thoughts are such powerful devices. With the right thoughts, you create the right reality, the right behaviours, the right life.

3. When I was younger my mum use to manage a large Japanese restaurant in Port Douglas. I use to get drunk with all the dodgy Japanese backpackers and sometimes they would pick me up from school. I was 10 or 11.

4. I have an insatitable appetite for knowledge and learning. I tend to read a lot. Probably got that from my Dad.

5. I lived in Rotatrua, New Zealand for six months when I was 14. Long story.

6. I suck at sport.

7. I had to pick up my grandad's skull with a pair of red chopsticks after he was cremated. One of the strangest experiences I have ever had.

8. Buddhist philosophy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy seems to me to be the same thing.

9. The saddest moment of my life was when I was 11 and I had purchased eight super nintendo games from Japan. When I arrived back to Oz, they didn't work in my system. I cried.

10. I tend to eat everything put in front of me. My taste buds like everything.

11. I went to boarding school throughout high school. One of the greatest periods of my life. My boarding friends - even though I hardly ever seen them- are, and will be forever, my brothers.

12. I was president of my college in my third year of university. I learnt a lot about myself and glad I took the challenge.

13. When I got back from Mongolia, I got an infected retina. Consequently I had to get a needle scraping in my eye three times. No anestheic. God, it was painful. But I laugh now about it. Thank god for retrospect.

14. I love life's randomness: knowing that tommorrow, the week after, next year, I have no idea what situations or circumstances I could potentially be in. Life is a mystery and I love it.

15. French Toast is the best brekkie on the planet.

16. I lived in Seattle USA in my early childhood days. I don't remember much of it anymore - very surreal to think about it.

17. I have an Australian and US passport with Irish and Japanese blood. Confused?

18. I get envious of big families sometimes. I have always been the free spirit, independent type - a hermit pretending to be an extrovert.

19. I think too much sometimes.

20. I want to make an impact on this world. I want to do big things with my life, even though I can't precisely describe what they actually are.

21. I have a love/hate relationship with Japan.

22. My greatest memory is sitting on Everest Base Camp, watching the highest point on Earth, sitting alone and wondering how the hell I got there.

23. Smell has memories. I remember when I was 2, this peculiar smell came out from my babysister's room. Only later on in my teenage years, when I came across this same smell, did I realise it was weed.

24. Life is impermanent. Always changing. Always morphing.

25. I organised a multicultural festival for 3000 people - bands, performances, foods, beer- in my early twenties.

26. My three years at International House were awesome. I feel very lucky I when there. So much of its ideals have impacted me. The interactions I had. The opportunities I got. Thanks IH.

27. I have an addictive personality.

28. My mum is a big inspiration and source of support in my life.

29. I use to do a lot of Aikido. I stopped. Maybe I will do it again one day.

30. Bon Iver is my favourite artist as of late.

31. My Dad is an associate professor.

32. I have a little sister called Hazuki, meaning 'August', in Japanese. We have had age gap of 12 years. She is an awesome little chick and it is good having a sibling.

33. When I was in Mongolia, I met up with my best friend from Seattle. He happen to be there, as you do. We hadn't seen each other in 12 years.

34. I lived in Shanghai for 5 months with my two mates from uni, Turks and Sloan

35. I am searching. For What? I am not sure. But I'll think I'll find it one day

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