Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Human Manifesto

1. God and nature is one. God/nature is the sum-total of the supreme consciousness that binds us together, and the unalterable rules that govern our universe.

2. The universe has unseen layers that are unfathomable at this stage of human evolution. Just because we cannot see beyond the material world, does not mean it does not exist.

3. While we have freedom in our choices, the results of our actions are pre-destined according to eternal laws.

4. Weighed on the scale of universal laws, there is an absolute right and wrong. We may not always know it, or comprehend it, or apply it in its best form…it is there.

5. Human reason coupled with an honest soul are pre-requisites of enlightenment.

6. Enlightenment is the continuously evolving appreciation and observance of the laws of the cosmos.

7. Enlightenment is a process, not a destiny. Absolute enlightenment is the absolute knowledge of all things, perhaps unattainable in this life.

8. There is no evil, only ignorance and bondage. Humans commit mistakes because they don’t know better. We struggle against ignorance – the darkness within and around us - not evil.

9. Enlightenment and liberation is the same. Enlightenment relieves us from bondage to false gods, thus liberates us.

10. Our emotions are the driving force behind our actions. Without them, we would be motionless.

11. Emotions of pride, desire & survival are at the core of all good and bad choices. If these emotions are controlled…they become a life force. If they control us, they lead to self-destruction.

12. Pride can turn into arrogance & envy, desire into greed & lust, survival into selfish self-interest. It is our responsibility to make pride the basis of mutual respect, desire the basis of collective progress and survival the basis of co-operation.

13. The human soul cannot evolve in isolation. Our first struggle is with our ignorant self. Once ignited in our soul, it is our responsibility to spread this light with our words and our actions to every corner and to every human.

14. Human society suffers from all the ills of the individual soul. To save humanity, we must save individual souls from the despair of darkness and bring them the light of knowledge. Together, we can take human civilization to a new age of peace, progress & prosperity.

15. It is not our place to judge other humans. Leave the judgment to God/nature.

16. We must give others the freedom to be wrong. We can show them the path, to walk it or not is their choice.

17. There is no singular messiah that will come and relieve us of our misery. We are the messiah, here and now. We can either take responsibility for ourselves and this world, or we can shun it and pass it on to another generation.

18. Liberty is spiritual (protection from false gods & harm within), liberty is social (security from those around us), and liberty is physical (freedom from want & disease).

19. The spirit cannot be liberated as long as it serves false gods: tradition, dogma, superstition, ritual and other forms of religious control. We must have an awakened conscience to choose right from wrong, not guilt or fear.

20. The mind cannot achieve its potential unless the political system protects our rights. The creation of a just society is the essential first step for the evolution of the human mind.

21. The body cannot be free unless its needs are met. An economic system that distributes wealth justly is imperative for the next stage in human civilisation.

22. Human society in its desperate struggle for survival picks competition over co-operation. The natural state for human survival is competition, but for human evolution…the natural state is co-operation.

23. The survival instinct in us forces us to ‘take what we can, and give back as little as possible’. We must ‘give what we can, and take back as little as reasonable’.

24. Might is right, is a jungle law. It is meant for the jungle. In human society, ‘right is right’ must be the ultimate virtue.

25. The weak must be protected from the strong.

26. Mutual agreement does not mean justice. A negotiated settlement must not be lopsided, but should be based on the best ideals of universality and fairness.

27. Violence and war are weapons of an unjust society. The cost is too high, and the achievements too little and too short-lived.

28. Humans are one nation. We’re all equal citizens of the world.

29. We may be divided into smaller political groups & cultures…but we have one united goal: liberation of the human spirit, mind and body.

30. We co-operate with each other, and with nature…to create a sustainable, rational, progressive and dynamic human civilization.

31. We want to engage the universe…in a positive, exciting and meaningful dialogue.

32. We explore the depths of the seas, the limits of the skies and the deepest cores of matter…to understand the cosmos and our rights & responsibilities to it.

33. The more we explore, the more we realize how much we don’t know. This process of discovery is our adventure, our achievement and our ultimate goal.

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