Friday, January 23, 2009


Real courage is forged in ordinary moments.

Where no one gives a shit what you have just surmounted.

Where your reputation is put on the line and you are forced to face it and move beyond.

Where you are not rewarded or praised for your efforts.

Real courage is not just for the ubermensch.

There is no battleground here. No courtroom. No villain to defeat.

On face value, your inner battles seem rather insignificant. No medal of honour is available here.

Getting out of bed when you don't feel like facing the day.

Battling the negative voices in your head.

Knowing that others, really, don't care. Most of the time, humans are only thinking about themselves.

In these moments, these seemingly insignificant moments, when courage is forged. Know that in these moments, your seeds are being sown. And that one day, at some point in time, this courage will prove to be your most valuable asset.

That's real courage.

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