Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ramblings from an amateur Buddhist Entrepreneur

Why is it we see difference, when the fundamental core of humans are the same? Point of difference is a barrier to understanding, to connection, yet - in our need to distinguish ourselves from others, our quest driven by ego - we fail to see commonality. Potential connection in others.

Why is it some people are content living lives of quiet desparation? And others not. What distinguishes spiritual seekers and those who are content watching Today Tonight as part of the weekly routine?

Why is it that we fail to realise that we are not our words. We are not our thoughts. We are the projection of the self that others us as. We are not even the person we see ourselves as. They are simply aspects of self. The real self is within. Beyond that.

Is it ever possible to be content? Are we destined to be ruled by desire? Is it inherently human to desire, to want. Can we actually move to place beyond the boundaries of the ego? A place of spiritual consciousness, an ability to see the world beyond our mind, our broader scale. Nietzche's superman. Daoist wandering hermit. Buddha's enlightment. Are these archetypes attainable for mere mortals?

Is it really possible to not suffer? Life is suffering. Problems will always arise. How can we move beyond this plane of existence. An mind that is bigger than this. Where suffering is just a viewpoint, where we can look at it and learn, and not be emotionally attached to it.

Clearly I have been thinking a lot.

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