Sunday, January 11, 2009

I want

I want character, not just reputation.

I want happiness, not just sporadic good times.

I want success, not just career advancement.

I want principles, not just rules.

I want vision, not just goals.

I want integrity, not just personality.

I want passion, not just routine.

I want connection, not just acquaintances.

I want action, not just talk.

I want experiences, not just events.

I want meaning, not just goals.

I want ideas, not just knowledge.

I want substance, not just intelligence.

I want a purpose bigger than myself, not just goals for my own self-interest.

I want struggle, not just bad times.

I want moments, not just occasions.

I want inspiration, not just envy.

I want make a difference, not just stand on the sidelines.

I want to challenge the status quo, not just go with what is expected.

I want an enriching life, not just an ordinary one.

More importantly, I want not to want. Desire is never-ending. Only when we rise above it and make the most of what the present offers, accept it, and do what we is only then that we make an impact and live a significant life.

That's what I want.

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