Sunday, January 11, 2009

Passenger Returns

After another creative and inspiring talk with @marklobo at McDonalds, I have decided to relaunch 'Passenger'.


1. I need outlet where I can explore my creativity and spirituality in an unashamedly and spontaneous manner. In all social media activities, I am restricted a bit, in the sense that I have to be aware of my professional image. Digital for Good - my upcoming professional blog - is not avenue for absurd ramblings and spiritual exploration. Passenger will fulfill that role.

2. I can write freely without worrying what people think. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are irrelevant with Passenger. Real, authentic prose will be the main priority. Jack Kerouac style. (Well maybe not that random).

3. My travels during 06-07 were inasmuch as inner journey as an outer one. I was inspired a lot. I got in touch with my spirituality. But, why is just journey only relegated to trips? Why can't continue the journey here whilst I am in Brisbane? It seems like the right thing to do: continue my exploration where it left off.

4. My writing needs improving. Passenger can be it.

5. When I do get overseas later in the year, I can use Passenger as my travel blog. It would be stupid to start another blog - why not have all my travel rants, spiritual rants, from both trips on one page. Makes sense really?

6. I want to write without the expectations of others. I write for myself. For my own reflection and learning.For my own development. For my own self-awareness. For my own understanding of the world.

What will the focus of Passenger be?

1. Spirituality
2. Creativity
3. Travel
4. Ramble Thoughts/ Experiments. For example, @marklobo suggested building my 'encounters' projects: close ups photos of people I meet with small micro-stories about them.
5. Another motive I suppose is to use Passenger to get involved in the travel blogging community. I have missed it a lot since I arrived back home. Perhaps I can use this as a medium to connect with travellers and travel bloggers, twitters. See how it grows organically over time.

I am not exactly sure where or what Passenger will lead to. But I will enjoy having a space to be myself, to write freely, to explore and be in a digital space where I can go crazy.

(Note: The dog photo has no relevance between the content of the blog post. I just found a picture from my old Nepal photos and thought I'd slide it in.)

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