Friday, May 08, 2009

A Call to Slow

Photoby fatboyke

Slow Down.
Stop Chasing. And Start Being.
Because the past and the future are arbitary. They are concepts in your head. All you ever experience is now.
Slow down and enjoy now.

Slow Down
Stop Running. And Start Walking
Because life is short. And you don't want to spend your whole life running - for the next thing, the next achievement, the next goal. Who fucking cares? Who cares if you are broke? Who cares if you fuck up something. It doesn't matter.
Slow down and walk. You will see things better than if you are running all the time

Slow Down
Stop Desiring. And Start Being Content.
Content about your life. About your friends. About your family. About your world.
We are so lucky. Really lucky. Yet we never stop desiring. I want this. I want that. Stop.
Learn to apperciate the beauty around you. Be content
Slow down and stop desiring. And you will realise how lucky are.

Even as I write these words, I will be honest. I do not practice them.
I desire
I run
I chase.

I want to be
I want to walk
I want to be content.


The eternal battle that we all face. It is the inherent nature of humans. It is question that has baffled minds for generations. But maybe, if I stop searching and just slow down, the answer will arrive on its own terms.

Now, that you have read this lame poetry that I just constructed off the top of my head, watch this:

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