Saturday, May 02, 2009

In Search of Peace

Photo by lintmachine

How are thou? My dear old friend.
You are ephemeral. Fleeting yet powerful.
At times, I am touched by your strength. Your aura soothes me, engulfes my core. My world is transformed.
And yet in other moments, when your presence has passed, I crave you. Long for that sensation. Long for your care. Contentment. Happiness. Love

Peace, my dear old friend, 'tis this how our relationship will always be?
Nurtured by your hand one week. Taken from me the next.
Will our connection always be this way? Memerzing and swift.
Maybe the noble truths were right after all - that life is suffering indeed. Perhaps it is only when I accept this will you remain by my side.

How are thou? My dear old friend.
I am lucky. I know what you are. I know how powerful you can be.
Maybe I just have to keep searching.

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