Sunday, May 31, 2009

What remains?

Photo via my buddy's blog, Simon Lawry.

Take away your material possessions - what remains?
Take away your achievements, all your glorified awards that have build your identity- what remains?
Take away your sadness, your pain and your losses - what remains?
Take away your friends and acquitances, those who inspire you and identify with your character, who know your history in-and-out - what remains?
Take away your intelligence, those unique talents and skills that are yours, what remains?
Take away your coincidences, those seemingly random incidents that collectively led you to the direction you are right now - what remains?
Take away securityand your safety net - what remains?
When you take away all these experiences, what is left?
What is the fundamental 'you'? Afterall, all these things are delusionary in a sense - either good or bad, they simply are. They have played a part in creating the 'you' as you see yourself.
But is it really 'you'?
What lies underneath that?
What guides the essence behind all that?
It is exercise in soul searching.
When you take everything - labels, ego, experiences all away, ask yourself: what remains?

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