Thursday, June 04, 2009

Brain overload

Interesting article via @lanipauli - Brain overload: Scientists fear that a digital flood of 24-hour rolling news and infotainment is putting our primitive grey matter under such stress that we can no longer think wisely or empathise with others

research suggests that we may have reached an historic point in human
evolution, where the digital world we have created has begun to outpace our
neurons’ processing abilities.....But the sense of mind-lag and unease that result from info-overload may be causing significant levels of anxiety and depression....“Our poor brains are definitely suffering information overload,” says Felix Economakis, a London-based chartered psychologist who specialises in stress. “Technology is making quantum leaps, bombarding us with new things to focus on, but we have not been able to catch up and adapt. Our brains’ attention levels are finite. When everything is screaming at us, we start withdrawing so that normally nice people become unempathetic.

Thoughts? Does this explain my current mental crisis? Am I sufferring from information overload? I agree in some respects, not in others.

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Dash said...

maybe you need to re-establish a balance. do you find yourself choosing information interaction over human interaction?

if so, maybe you can change it up a bit.