Wednesday, June 24, 2009


AS sure as night follows day, people will hurt us on our journey through life.
There will be all sorts of reasons why we will feel disrespected, dishonored and badly treated by people in our life.
Because the truth is that people are so often wrapped up in their own drama, their own ego centered life script, reliving their own hurtful past and so eager to shift the blame from them to us.
But so little of what comes our way is actually about us.
It is all about them.
So often we just get in the way... that is why good people get hurt who do not deserve to get hurt.
It is like these people have terrible sores across their body and when we should actually rub against those sores they will scream and hit out in abject anger.
It is just so unfortunate often that we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.... so we do brush against those with terrible emotional sores that leave them wanting to scream out, kick and hit all those who cross their path. Like us.
What we so often do is to give too much focus to the person who has caused us hurt by their ill conceived behavior.
Our focus is so much on that person that we do not appreciate or give attention to those in our lives who serve us and do treat us exceptionally well.
Why do we so often seek out and try to win approval from those who would always end up causing us disappointment or hurt?
And why do we often ignore or give little attention to those who are a positive blessing in our life?
The door that has closed is just not worth giving energy and attention to.
The door that is opening is the one where we should turn our eyes towards.
This opens up the possibility of love... the possibility of positivity... the possibility of something new and different.. the possibility of abundance where there was none before.
Energy flows where attention goes.
So often we give our attention to those who could never love, appreciate or treat us the way we want to be treated.
Yet, if we gave the same attention to those who are able to love us, appreciate us and treat us in the way we want to be treated, wouldn't our moments be filled with so much more gratitude rather than so much longing.
When someone hurts us let us turn our attention immediately to those who do not hurt us... when someone disappoints us let us immediately turn our attention to those who do not disappoint us... when someone rejects us let us immediately turn our attention to those who do not reject us...when someone treats us badly let us turn our attention to those who would never treat us badly.
And let us accept those words of Jesus/Buddha/Muhammad/Lao Tzu: Forgive them. They know not what they do.
Get this... anyone who hurts you just does not know what they are doing because when they hurt you they are also hurting themselves even more than they hurt you.