Sunday, June 07, 2009

I must admit, I have been a bit lazy this week.
Well, maybe, lazy is a bit harsh. Unproductive. Content doing nothing. Home does that to you though; away from the distractions and people, my mind and body go into this semi-catatonic state. I read. I indulged in endless siestas. I didn't reply to emails. I stayed away from anything that was close to the realm of goal-oriented. I hung out with my childhood friend, Didier, and smoked one too many marlboro lights.
I feel somewhat guilty at this point: a week of procrastination later, but then again, who cares? What is wrong with being lazy? Everyone does it. Maybe it was the perfectly natural response after close to a year of over-stimulation and over-achieving. Time is no race. Am I really in a rush? Why do I need to be productive 24/7? Yes, there are certain matters that need addressing, but all in good time, Ed. Just be. And enjoy.

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