Monday, June 08, 2009

Mood Chart: Irrirated, Lack of concentration, unmotivated as hell and annoyed that I am unmotivated, dictated by my swing of moods. Then I start questioning the validity of my moods: am I making this shit up, or is it something - the anti-depressants perhaps - that are excaberating my erractic behaviour? Why can't I just get onto with it? Why can't I focus on what I need to do? Then there is the superficial comparisions with friends and acquitances, which rationally I know are ridicilous, but then are there nevertheless.
- MIM(Mental Illness Mantra): 'It will pass'. what is, is.
- There is a reason I came home - Mum is sorting out my shit right now. I feel a bit stupid that here I am, a 25 year old, getting my mother to sort my essentials out, but right now, fuck it
- Reflection. (Doing it now)
- Focus on solutions in the future - reinforcement that need proper help, not just endless CBT.

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