Thursday, June 11, 2009


Stop talking, just listen.
Because its not about the original thinker, its the original listener.

You are asking the wrong question. Stand up. Meditate. Listen. And you will get the better questions.
Because its not the answers that matter, its the questions.

Our education system teaches us the essentials: speaking, writing, reading. What happen to listening? Is it less important? Is it less valuable?
The ones who listen are those who have competitive advantage.

When you are running into the wall, slow down. Listen to what your mind and body is telling you. Too often we don't listen to ourselves. Ego is the only one talking.
No, stand back and listen deeply. Listen to yourself and what you need to do. Not what the others or ego is telling you.

Stop now.
Listen to your friends.
Listen to your family.
Listen to your collegues.
Listen to your clients.
Listen to your team.
Listen to your enemies.
Listen to your surroundings.
Listen to your users.
Listen to the moment.
Listen to your community.
Listen to your knowledge.
Listen to your self.

Listeners are winners.

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