Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mental Health Report

A blog post/checklist to self-monitor my own progress. More for me, than you, the reader.

1. Centrelink Sick benefit - done. Just need to wait to get approved.
2. Psychologist today - book another appointment next few days.
3. Keep pounding away at my reading/spiritual books/exercises. - @stevehopkins book
4. Daily meditation/exercise.
5. Psycharist - July 22nd : Need to do more research into mood stablisers - whats the best option? Sal said Lithuim. Need to be as informed as possible - main concern is that I dont want it to affect my thinking.
6. Clarification of short term and long term goals will definitely help, cut out distractions with ideas/ppl/knowledge, more focus, more ability to spend time for myself, go #slow
7. Check out alternative therapies - Alex M suggested Yoga school, homeopathy, what other things/treatments can I experiment with will I am here.
8. Converse and information/bipolar/mental health forums involved with -, headspace, bipolar ning group, beyond meds ning group, bipolar groups, look up Cyclothmania groups
9. I know it seems like a futile activity, but many a bit of self-analysis as to why I was getting down/up and down last six months. Although personally I feel like it is a chemical thing going on, rather than a deep pyschological scar or something. The more I think, the more I realise its genetic - Dad: insane. Uncle: insane. Grandfather: insane. Grandmother: emotional problems.
10. Work on Massive Action plan - chip away slowly at it. Having a bit of goal orientedness might help with mental, or not? I do that anyway regardless of my ups and downs.
11. The infographic I did helped with understanding my moods. Actually should take this to the pyschologist. Show her to this blog.