Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Paradox of Change

Whilst walking along Kangaroo Point on the way to Sarah's house, I had this epiphany. I might not articulate it properly, but I will try nevertheless. As I have mentioned before, words/language are not necessarily the only way to communicate what one feels. You have to be content with "language that cannot be spoken." Just because it cannot be conveyed in rationally terms does not mean it is us worthy or less true. Language is just one medium of expression. Intuition another - and often one 'gut feeling' cannot be easily translated to words.

I disgress.

You are always changing.
You are always evoling.
You are always growing.
You are not the same person who were yesterday.
Nor will you be the same person tommorrow.
Change always inside you.
Yet, you are also not changing.
Your essential is always the same. Just mainfests itself in different ways.
You haven't changed at all - rather you have discovered a deeper layer of yourself. Like peeling an egg.

People are always changing.
They come in and out of your life.
Friends of the present because friends of the past.
You don't know who your friends of the future might be. Your friends of the present may continue being friends in the future - or they might become memories of the past.
In and out. People from the past might reappear. And leave. Then reappear again.
Cherish your company, but never be attached. People around you are always changing.
Yet, at the same time, people never change.
You always grativate towards people who share similar values.
The essential is all the same.
People come back. People leave. You grow. They grow. So, in a sense, nothing changes. It just appears that way. When everyone is going through this process, well, its all the same.

Environments are always changing.
Day and Night.
Eras - School, University, Work, Marriage, Life, Travel. They start. Then Stop.
Landscapes are changing before our eyes. Climate Change. Technology. List goes on.
Yet at the same time, nothing is changing, because the lessons are still there.
The same spiritual lessons.
The same learning from the past apply to our modern context.
So, in a sense, nothing about the environment has actually changed. Just the outward mainfestation.

Change is a paradox.
Everything changes, but nothing does.
My conversation with @CDEgger a few months ago has made me more aware of the idea of non-duality. Nothing is 'this' or 'that'. Black or White. Life is one big grey. Full of contradictions. Everything is right and wrong. Everything is correct and not correct.