Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trusting yourself first

@rosshill told me to "blog it", so here is what is on my mind lately.

We must listen to yourself first before we can gain any resemblence of value from others' advice/feedback.
If you are not listening to yourself first, you run the trap of getting off track. We search for the answers outside us, but the answers are always within. Not one knows you better than you - so we don't you listen to you for a change. Fuck what others say or what status quo dictates. If you are don't listen to what your gut says, you run the risk of moving in the wrong direction.

Sometimes  your inner wisdom cannot be articulated in words, in language. This is fine. Just trust it - you dont have to show off, or justify what you believe to be good for you. You need to have a sense of quiet confidence that what you must do is good for you. You must be content with the sense of solitude and trust in your own wisdom. Listening to others, getting advice from others, is only effective once you listen to yourself first. Only you know yourself. Everyone's view is tainted by their own perception, their own life experiences, their own views. They are not you. They don't know the intricatites of your mind, no one does. So stop trying to find the answers from others all the time. Stand up, look inside and listen to yourself. Do it.

You can read every book imaginable.
You can get feedback from others. Get advice. But the best advice is from yourself. In our logical and raitonal world, we have lose that ability to listen to what we already know is best for us. We must trust our own inner wisdom. Who cares what others think? If you are always living to others expectations, you are destinted for spiritual failure. Take others' advice with a grain of salt - be apperciative but dont be attached to their words. Underneath their motivations and experiences that brought on that advice. Only then can you take what you want from their words. Only when you have self-awareness of your own mind can you appericate the minds of others.

So , stop.
What is your gut telling you?
What is the right path for you? There is no good or bad - dicthomies are a myth.
Stand back.
Step up.
And listen to yourself.
Cause those who listen to themselves are destinted for greatness.