Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jan 12th

I'm not one much for Tarot/ New Age/ astrology literature, but, a few months back, I was reading a massive Astrology birthday book at my friend's house. It was scary how much the words resonated. I scribbled down the words on a piece of paper.

Jan 12th
"The Highest Calling, perhaps, is to be true to oneself"
Drawn towards all-involving professional life
Career or life interest usually in 20's -> capable of scarifing a great deal for it, particularly in terms of inward, personal growth.  (Thats not true - I am always about personal growth. My "career" is my personal inward growth. No dichotomies .)
May see life to serving others -> in fact drawn to excitement and adventure. (VERY TRUE)
Once they find their calling, they follow it, wherever it leads them.
Must choose work carefully.
Maintaining a strict set of ethical principles constant with traditional human values. ( Coincidence that P5 was all about bringing human values back to work/life?!)
Many identified with a cause, willingly to give up personal identity. ( Maybe. Maybe not)
On the other hand, some Jan 12th absorbed in themselves, when it is their own personality or image, cruical to success of professional plans. ( that is funny because my online 'brand', @edwardharran, is very much a key part in my success thus far.)
Careful not to give the impression of arrogance; more successful with low key approach and heightened sensitiveity towards others
Can be carried away by own ideas. When in losing professionally, liable to hang on this bitter end. Liable to setbacks very hard. ( Have done in the past. Still do I think.)
Professions ( or hobbies) -> often unusual. (Yep. No doubt.)
Successful people born on this day regarded as brilliant + unusual, but a bit strange. (Yep.)
Numbers + Planets: 3 and Jupiter. (No clue what this means).
Tarot: '
The Hanged man' - spiritually powerful, deeply thoughtful.
Positive: Recognise limitations and overcoming them
Negative: Spirital myopia and restrictedness
Strengths: Professional, Inspirational, Committed
Weaknesses: Self-sacrifical, preoccupied, unheeding.
Likely to ignore health -> Six months/yearly checkups advised
A Balanced diet -> important
Only moderate physical exercise is recommended, particularly long walks in the open air.
         (I gotta learn to look after my body/health more.) 
Pay more attention to your personal life and maintain strong ethical code
Listen to others
Beware of arrogance/condescension
Dont go off in the deep end professionally - remember work is only one aspect of your life.