Sunday, January 03, 2010

Posterous Experimentation

Experimenting with Posterous. Again. Love it so much.
Aim to slowly make my inbox my digital hub for everything.

So what I did:

1. Created a separate group profile on posterous. Why? So I could integrate a different autoposting features
2. Autopost services for PassengerToNowhere Blogger and MaxEdwards Twitter Account
3. I was going to be a private password setting on this posterous, but if that was none, it disables the autoposting which defeats the purpose of the exercise.

The #win being I can post to both @edwardharran + @max_edwards all from my inbox.
(Note I haven't put autoposting features on @edwardharran twitter account....I suppose I don't want to fill twitterstream up too much, i kinda see them as two separate channels. Whilst I see the benefits to having the two work together, I like to keep them separate things. Guess I don't want to get too broadcaster-y.)

Looking back on this post, I just realised how everything i wrote was so geeky. I have become a nerd. But I love it so who cares.

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