Monday, January 04, 2010

Nature's Wisdom: A guide to waking the fuck up to the answers that are right in front of you. (Rough notes)

Book idea with @simonlawry


- Why nature provides the answers; why we stopped listening to nature; how nature can be a source of wisdom; what spiritual traditions have always dedicated this
- what is nature? Why humans are one and the same with nature - why/how we have forgotten this?
- How to open your eyes to nature? What is the process to find dormant answers that exist in front of you?

- Bird - Flying, "Leaving the Nest", Pack of Birdsflying - related to serependity, collective consciousness
- Caterpillar/Butterfly
- Sheep/Wolf
- Forest/Trees/Roots
- Clouds
- Volcano
- Mountain
- Fish
- Polar Bear
- Dog
- Cat
- Wind
- New Zealand Maori?  They are very nature based aren't they?
- Fire

-Crowdsource one part to a group of 20 people
Interesting under each part to look up what tribe groups/spiritual traditions have used certain metaphors'- ( ie Aboriginal with Dreamtime, Zen, American Indians etc etc............look at chinese zodiac....thinking of captain planet many traditions things that have used this before - in essence, it is nothing you, just in our left-brain world, we have lost our ability to see these things. How do we write this in a context for people who haven't woken the fuck up yet? How do we write this in a style that helps people to wake the fuck up, rather than it being a manual for people who are already on the path to waking the fuck up.)
-Tibetan traditions
- Perhaps two part series - one on mother nature itself, one on animals - would want to position it so branding does not seem like a newage hippie thing, but a practical, no BS guide on nature.

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so maybe

1. Nature + why its important
2. Nature via the people
3. Nature wisdom from traditions of the past
4. How to apply it? Why it is easy? Why its important/

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