Monday, September 17, 2007

Dharmasala, India

In Dharmasala atm - arrived about 2 hours ago after a eight hour bus train, which, on a side note, was suprisingly painless. I cannot figure out whether it was the bus itself or my pain-threshold has reached new limits - long bus journeys are never "long" anymore - it is more an opportunity to zone out and think about life. Dharmasala for those who are not aware is the home to the Tibetan-Government in exile: the town itself is very Tibetan. My plan is to stay here for a week or so - it is a nice place; restaurants everywhere; small cinemas playing all the latest flicks; meditation courses on offer. I am sick of all the travelling anyway - I need something else beyond being a tourist.

Oh yeah, and I am coming home this time next month. Very exicited. More exicited than ever - even as I write this, I am getting the little butterflies in my stomach, similar to the ones I encountered when I first came to Australia those many years ago. Though I know as soon as I return, I'll wish I was back on the road. Such are humans - craving the future and when it comes craving the past.

I'm off to have a milkshake.

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